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Basic Pathfinding in a Procedurally Generated Building

So there isn’t as much visually to show this week. I’ve hung up my geometry creating hat to focus on other aspects of the game now. Specifically, I’m moving towards a prototype enemy. This week I have a basic pathfinding structure done. The benefit of procedurally creating a building is that you know where everything is actually located. I already have all the data on doors, room sizes and corridors so after these have been generated, I can use the data again to build a node based map of each floor.


Video of City Generation Progress

Here is the progress I’m making on the city generator. The building shells and egresses have been created and basic level of distance is in place. About 500 buildings are modelled in about 6 seconds so there’s some work to be done reducing this time and improving the quality of the models. The grey buildings in the background are serving as eye candy only.