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about redacted

Redacted is an espionage game based around current military research into nano unmanned aerial vehicles (nUAV). Players will will control a fly sized drone in a hostile enemy environment, with missions to complete ranging from scouting, eavesdropping, information theft, sabotage etc. It will be set in the near future where this technology is available cheaply.

With the success of nUAVs in monitoring the modern world in situations and environments otherwise impossible with normal human spies, drone ecosystems have sprung up around the world protecting, defending and interferreing with military operations, corporate interests and the everyday lives of ordinary people. A new kind of information warfare sprung up, fought almost out of view of humanity where drone insect vehicles fight, hack and intrude on other drones and our own lives. Information on the internet has become almost completely insecure and what information of value exists is chaperoned by armed nUAVs and couriered physically like money to it’s target.

The pilots of many nUAVs rarely have the security level to actually know the information they carry, where they are or any details that surround them. Almost everything in their environment is obscured, abstracted and ultimately redacted. This is for their own protection.

This game will feature within procedurally generated city, where every building is accessible to the player. The game will feature certain elements of roguelike games, but will have a mission based structure and narrative to gameplay.

This game will be released on PC, Mac and Linux.

  • Fantastic, looking forward to following the game. Have you seen “Sir, you are being hunted”? It’s another Unity based game with procedural algorithms, very clever stuff.


    February 21, 2013

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