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A Bit Quiet Lately…

So it’s become a little quiet lately on Redacted. At least when you look at this website it looks that way. However a lot of the work in the past month isn’t the visual kind, and I’m going through a large shift in the city generation code architecture so i can have bigger and more stable cities.
I’ve also had house guests, a 30th birthday and a trip to Japan eat into development time. But I’m getting on with it!

One thing I wanted to touch on was motivation, especially with projects you’re doing yourself and when you’re working from home. How can you deal with all those distractions? How can you keep going? I’ve noticed my productivity correlates to how clear my goals are. I’ve seen this even in my normal jobs. If I don’t really know what i should be doing, I won’t do anything.
As a lone developer, it’s sometimes been hard to keep yourself going. The trick I’ve been using has been to keep my goals small. Very small. Couple of hours small. I feel like I’m achieving stuff and I’ve always got more goals to achieve. I also need to get this game done, I’m super excited!

I just want it done! To finish off – here’s an amazing video on motivation I keep watching…